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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Unpaired words: always use a negative prefix?

There are some words that always have a prefix, you don't see their unprefixed form being used much, if at all.

Here are examples:

unkempt: You always hear about a workplace being unkempt, but can something be kempt? Kempt is actually a word, however it is a rarely used antonym of unkempt. The word kempt comes from Old English kemb, meaning "comb". In the 18th century, the negative form unkembed came to mean "uncombed or disheveled".

inert: Derived from the Latin word art meaning "skill". Adding the negative prefix gives us the definition of inert as "inactive, sluggish".

disgruntled: The root word here is gruntle. As in the previous example with kempt, it is a rarely used form. The meaning is "expressing discontent". In this case, the dis- prefix is meant to intensify the root word.


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Etymology was always an interesting subject. Cool!

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intresting, would not have thought about it that way myself.

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so many negative prefixes?

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yes, it's true that unpaired words always use a negative prefix.

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I don't think unpaired words use a negative prefix because i think it's very important in English.

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So if we talk about the word Distracted, does the rule apply to this word too?

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I have no idea how you find those subjects. Its like they've been always there unnoticeable.

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Nice analysis again. I'm 'gruntled' with it :D

Kaysville, UT said...

Haha, many of my friends and I have been saying "you're so gruntled" for years. Awesome to read something about its etymology.

Thanks from Utah!

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