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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Depreciate or deprecate

These two words are very similar in spelling and meanings, but they are often confused with each other.

Here is a quick rundown of their definitions:

Depreciate is used to denote objects whose values have dropped in price over a period of time after you have bought them. This is often applied to houses, cars, computers, etc.

Deprecate is a term for items that should no longer be in use. Common uses are in computer software versions, in which an older version is said to be no longer supported. A related term is self-deprecating humor, which is the term for comedians who make jokes about themselves.

Notice the similarity in spelling between the two words. The latter is missing an i and has one less syllable. Most English speakers haven't encountered deprecate that much, it is usually seen in written form rather than spoken. This is probably the cause of the confusion over the words, and that is why depreciate is often used in place of either of those words.


Florida Drug Rehab said...

In a way, depreciation leads to deprecation. Because as long as something loses its value, it tends to also lose its functionality.

john said...

Yeah, that is also true. I haven't heard the term deprecate used outside the software/computing world though.

Brien Malone said...

I disagree. In most cases depreciation doesn't lead to deprecation.

Any consumable you buy depreciates the instant you buy it; but it is not deprecated unless you let it spoil or buy something you plan to use instead of the original purchase.

Cars lose reasale value over time but don't (necessarily) lose functionality.

My new home has depreciated recently, but it is actually more functional as I have made improvements.

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intresting, would not have thought about it that way myself.

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Never did understand deprecate until now. Cool...

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First time I heard that when I enrolled in my accounting class. So I was aware about them.

cancer signs said...

Both words have alltogether different meaning in its own context.

Fairings said...

What about those spelled same way but pronounce diferently?

Mexican Breakfast Food said...

What about produce(verb)or produce (noun). Same spelling but different pronunciation.

Free TestKing said...

interesting, would not have thought about it that way myself.

Cars lose resale value over time but don't (necessarily) lose functionality.

My new home has depreciated recently, but it is actually more functional as I have made improvements.

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I've never about those words since english is not my primary..but thanks for this useful info.

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Today I know them "Deprecate" term is a technical term (Computer system)

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Well Depreciation means decrease in value of an asset due to obsolescence or use. Deprecate is the synonym of depreciate.

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To depreciate something is to actually make it worse, whereas to deprecate something is simply to speak or think of it in a manner that demonstrates your low opinion of it. People who make unflattering jokes or comments about themselves are self-deprecating.

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True, it can be easily confused but yes both have very different meanings, one is related with drop in value and the other is completely useless. I am sure many who use these words constantly would have no confusion over it but yes speaking these words may confuse anyone whether the speaker meant depreciate or deprecate.

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In code, depreciated means that the code is not recognized by the W3C anymore, and is old and outdated.

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Depreciation is the reason I won't buy a new car LOL

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> Deprecate is a term for items that should no longer be in use. Common uses are in computer software versions, in which an older version is said to be no longer supported.

No, that's neither the meaning of deprecate, nor is it common. It's common to you, me, and the other nerdy high-tech folks like us, but you won't find it in standard dictionaries with that definition.

What deprecate means is this:

belittle, express disapproval of, disparage, cut down to size, poor-mouth, and so on.

The meaning of deprecate that we both know as "unsupported", "out of date" etc, is jargony, and not standard accepted usage. It has no place in a general linguistics blog, except as a footnote.

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